Why is my dog gassy?


Home Call Vet has found in most cases when you find your pet suddenly gassy it is from a change in your pet’s diet, eating too fast and swallowing large amounts of air or from the dog eating something new in their diet or spoiled food. Most cases of excessive flatulence are caused by a diet your pet is not digesting to the fullest.

Some breeds are more sensitive to food than others. For example, my two Pitbulls have always been on a high-quality all natural food but were unbearably gassy as puppies. Through a process of elimination, we found that dog foods that contained chicken were the culprit and once we switched to an all pork dog food, we all could breathe easier once again.

Why is my dog’s stomach making noises?

Borborygmi (scientific name) for rumbling or gurgling noise made by fluid and gas as it moves through your pet’s intestines. Having some level of gas is quite normal in pets however at times it can become excessive. In most cases, providing no recent dietary changes, heavier episodes of gas should return to normal levels. If excessive flatulence continues, try switching to high-quality natural food that is low for pet allergens such as salmon. If dietary changes do not help, contact your vet for an exam.

What can you give a dog for gas and bloating?

If you already feed your pet a high-quality food you can try adding a digestive enzyme supplement to each meal. And as I mentioned previously, change your pet’s diet to another protein, not all high-quality foods may agree with your pet’s digestive needs.  Here is to a healthy and happy pet.

If the gas is smelling up your house take you pet out for a walk.

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