About West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a prestigious city in Los Angeles County, known for its wild night-life and a prominent gay population. The total population of this city is about 36,000 people. It is an expensive place, as an average rent in 2019 is $2,546, and the median house price is $1,137,000. Most of the inhabitants in this city are working white collar jobs, and according to Data USA, the average household income here is $66,458.

Is West Hollywood a safe city for your dog?

Is it really safe in West Hollywood? Comparatively speaking it most certainly is a safe place to live or visit. Having said that you will still want to use good judgment similar to virtually any large city. Nevertheless, as Los Angeles communities go, West Hollywood is just about as safe as you could reasonably expect. On a range of 1 to 10, with 10 being the safest and secure, West Hollywood scores an 8.
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What is West Hollywood known for?

West Hollywood (WeHo) is a well-known city recognized for its acclaimed nightlife. The Sunset Strip, the Chateau Marmont frequented by celebs, comedy night clubs and live music venues like the renowned Whiskey a Go Go. WeHo additionally boasts a number of the city’s most chic restaurants.
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West Hollywood has plenty of bars, pubs, and restaurants to visit with your dog. Here is a few of the most popular.

The Surly Goat

This pub, located in 7929 Santa Monica Boulevard is a great place for craft beer lovers. Overall, this pub offers 27 types of beers. From IPA and stout to Barleywine and Lambic. Besides, this pub offers a variety of eating option. The Surly Goat is a perfect choice if you not only want to drink but also fill your stomach, all while your four-legged friend is sitting nearby.

Fat Dog

This dog-friendly establishment located in 801 N Fairfax Avenue offers a plethora of drinking and eating options. In addition, they host Whiskey Wednesday, where you can get a whiskey flight and a draft beer of your choice for just $12, In Tuesdays, Fat Dog offers a jaw-dropping %50 off all bottles of wine for the whole night.

Without bars and restaurants to visit with your dog, West Hollywood also has a lot of parks that you can visit with your dog. Here is a couple of the most prominent.

West Hollywood Park & Dog Park

This park located in 647 N. San Vincente Boulevard is one of the bests to visit with your puppy. Two joined parks, one of 4,000 square feet for small dogs, and another of 7,000 square feet for large dogs will ensure that you find everything you want for your dog.

This park is designed to let dogs roam free off the leash, as it is surrounded by fences and gates. The turf of the park is artificial, with no rubber infill. It makes sure that your dog will not burn or hurt its pawns while running around and having fun. Few of rules to follow in the park is to leash your dog outside the fenced area, to clean up after the dog, and to supervise your dog at all times. Overall, a great place to keep your pet healthy and happy!

William S. Hart Park & Off-Leash Dog Park
8341 De Longpre Ave

Get together with other local canine and their owners at this well-liked community dog park. The park is well appointed with sufficient wood chips for the dogs and relaxing benches for the owners to relax, talk with others and watch their pooch having a great time. William Hart was an actor in the silent movie era.

Runyon Canyon Park

This park located in 2000 N. Fuller Avenue is the destination if you want to hike with your dog. Some hikes are paved, some are dirt, but all of them are manageable for the beginners, while also presenting as a mild challenge for advanced hikers. The views you will enjoy while hiking with your four-legged buddy is worth every minute spent here.

Dogs can be unleashed after you enter the park and pass the yoga area. Be calm to let your dog run free, just be sure you are looking after your pet. In addition, Runyon Canyon Park offers water and waste bags along the trail. Just be sure to use these amenities and you are guaranteed to have a great time with your pet in this park!

Local Zip Codes and Geo Coordinates:

Zip: West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA – Geo: 34.1147313, -118.3659151

Zip: West Hollywood, CA 90048, USA – Geo: 34.0741548, -118.3746802

Zip: West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA – Geo: 34.0931603, -118.3805234

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