Beverly Hills is one of the most beautiful cities in Los Angeles County, United States.

Its location is such that the West Hollywood city and Los Angeles surrounds it.

Beverly Hills Population

The city has a population of around 35,000 from the United States Census conducted in 2010 with a population density of 5,973.1 people per square mile. Much of the racial composition of the population comes from white, American Africans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islander, and others respectively.
Persian ethnic community is the largest population in Beverly Hills composing of around 26%.

Most of the Beverly Hills population reside in households with a few residing in non-institutionalized quarters. There are approximately 14,869 households, with around 25.3% with children under the age of 18 years. Most of the opposite married couple were living together. The household average family size was around 3.05 and the average household size is 2.29.

Beverly Hills city Income

The average household income in Beverly Hills was approximately $70,945 with an average family income of approximately $102,611.Males had higher incomes compared to the female. The city per capita income is estimated to be around $65,507 with the majority of the population above the poverty line.


Beverly Hills city climate comprises of the warm Mediterranean climate. The average temperatures vary from August to January. For instance, the average temperatures in January are 19.4 degrees Celsius while at August temperatures raise up to 29.4 degrees Celsius. Little rainfall is received annually with an average of less than 460 mm of rainfall. The summer is characterized by adequate warm suitable for traveling and high to new places. During the winter snow formation is recorded. Warn Santa Ana winds to make d the winter season

The average house price in Beverly Hills

Most residents occupy flats around Beverly Hills which is relatively flat land. The land slopes from the hills toward the flat region. Residential houses located in the hillside are more expensive than the average housing value as compared to the rest of the houses in the city. The residential house is divided into two categories.
Locally and the Wilshire Boulevard houses.

The local houses are also known as South or North of the tracks since they refer to the old train tracks that were used by the ancient Pacific electric streetcar were passing through to the Beverly Hills. On the other hand, the houses situated at the north of Sunset in Wilshire Boulevard have a more urban look with a rectangular small size than those at the south. The average housing price thus varies from one location to another. More apartments also care at these place with the lowest house average value being at Beverly Hills.

Best places to visit at Beverly Hills with your dogs

When traveling with your dog these are some challenges that you may encounter such as pooping. Having poop bags will be of great importance when walking with your dog.

Beverly Hills has various beautiful and sociable places to walk with your dog. These places are dog-friendly zones thus you can walk with your dog comfortably without any restrictions. Some of these places are;

Beverly Hills Hotel

This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Beverly Hills and located on Sunset Boulevard. It is one of the world best-known hotels to its friendly people. These people not only be kind to you but also to your pets. Dog-friendly parking spaces are reserved for every pet owner together with dog-friendly meals.

Beverly Center

Beverly Center is one of the most famous shopping malls in Beverly Hills. While walking with your dog in this mall, these are various dog-friendly services such as the
1. Dog groomers,
2. Dog stores,
3. Dog sitters,
4. Trainers among other dog business.

Dog-friendly Bakery in Beverly Hills

The Dog Bakery was started to provide the best food dog services in Beverly Hills. The bakery has made dog foods for decades thus dog food perfection has been achieved.

Things to do with your dog while in Beverly Hills

Walking with your dog at Beverly Gardens Park

Beverly Gardens Park is one of the most interesting places to visit while at Beverly Hills. It serves to provide a conduce green environment where you can play with your dog. The jogging path which is two miles long will provide a humble distance for you and your dog to walk together while playing.

Virginia Robinson Gardens Hike

Having a hike with your dog at Virginia Gardens will only entertain the dog but also make it more loyal to you. You will both enjoy the hike. There are numerous dog-friendly hiking places within the Garden.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Tour

While in this place two your dogs will be welcomed but at an additional fee of $40 per dog. There are dog-friendly derives such as allowing the dogs in all rooms and even leaving them unattended. Dog beds, feeding bowls will be provided. Dog walks in the nearby areas are allowed so that your dog can have adequate time playing outside the room. Dog-friendly sleeping rooms are also provided for each dog so that your dog has comfortable resting places. The dog handlers and groomers will ensure that your dog is treated perfectly while in Beverly Hills. The dog-friendly tours will ensure that the dogs are exposed to many places as a way of training it. Dog-friendly tours will ensure your dog remains healthy from the exercising while walking.

Dog parks in Beverly Hills

West Hollywood Park

All dog owners love this park. Equipped with super playing structures and huge playing ground. The basketball field gives you a space to play with your dog.

The Community Dog Park

One of the most affordable public dog park located in Beverly Hills. Dog-friendly playing grounds are available in these dog parking site.

William S Hart Park & Off-Leash Dog Park

Very clean and best dog-friendly services. Dog foods and groomers will treat your dog perfectly.

Westwood Dog Park

This dog park is generally clean and very nice. All dog owners are required to monitor their dog moves to avoid the dog getting lost to the nearby residential places or fighting with other dogs in the park.