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Home visit veterinarian Van Nuys.

Home Call Vet in Van Nuys also referred to as a mobile veterinarian is similar to a regular veterinarian with the exception of our mobile pet clinic service makes house calls. All our vets are fully qualified and easily carry out routine examinations, treatments, and vaccinations.

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Mobile veterinary clinic services are popular with people who want:

  • the convenience of at-home vet services
  • have hectic schedules
  • require vet services outside of regular work hours
  • the elderly
  • people with disabilities
  • pets which do not travel well
  • pets that get stressed out at the veterinarian office
  • overly aggressive pets

You get all the service without the travel for health exams, vaccinations, spay, and neuter and we also offer personal delivery of your pet’s medication.

Simply call to schedule an appointment time in Van Nuys that is convenient and our traveling vet will arrive at your home at the scheduled time.

Call now for mobile vet clinic services 1-855-964-1110

Do you offer same-day vet visits?

Yes, we offer same-day vet appointments in Van Nuys. Just call our vet dispatch number and book your time.

What are your hours?

We recognize not all pet owners have the flexibility to take time off work to visit a vet. That is why we have extended hours from 8 am to 8 pm to accommodate our clients’ work schedule.

What is the wait time?

Unlike a traditional vet clinic, there is no wait time with Home Vet Call. You book your vet appointment and one of our vets arrives at your home at the scheduled time.

How long is the vet appointment?

Your appointment is based on a 30-minute exam and treatment in your home. Comparatively, most visits at a clinic want patient turnover and are between 15 and 20 minutes.

Can you treat more than one pet per visit?

When you book a mobile vet you are allocated a minimum of 30 minutes. If there is additional time, a second pet could be examined as well. To be sure the vet has enough time to examine all your pets, you can schedule an additional time when you book the appointment.

Do you offer emergency services?

If your pet is in critical condition, you are advised to take your pet to the nearest animal hospital. The urgent services a mobile vet clinic can offer include bandaging simple wounds, treating hot spots, mild allergic reactions, muscle and joint injuries, urinary tract infections, and vomiting.

Call now for mobile pet vet services 1-855-964-1110

Our normal customers believe deeply our mobile service is like no other and in residence pet care being a big help in maintaining pets in good physical problem. We supply pet shots for all the pet dog vaccinations that your canine or pet cat might need. All pet vaccinations are carried out by a professional licensed as well as regional veterinarian so you can be confident your pet dog treatment is in the best of hands. Several pet owners really have postponed their animals required vet care due to the fact that of the anxiety of taking their pet dogs to the veterinarian. Our vets worked or currently still work in a center and have actually experienced initial hand the challenge that some family pets and owners go with in order to bring their family pet for a routine veterinary exam.

Conveniences of a mobile pet vaccinations in Van Nuys

In-home veterinary clinic services have become progressively more popular in many urban areas around the country. Though almost all pet owners want the very best for their four-legged buddies, sometimes making a trip to the vet’s practice for a routine exam, medical treatment, and vaccination may possibly be a big struggle.

This is certainly real for the senior, handicapped folks or those with hectic job schedules. Some household pets can immediately be worried or come to be very aggressive when traveling, along with in the clinic settings. A mobile vet service can allow you and your pet a problem-free experience.

Call now for mobile veterinarian services 1-855-964-1110

Below we’ll be discussing with you several of the advantages of a mobile veterinarian. Just continue reading to find out.

1. Accommodation.

The best and most prominent benefit of opting for a mobile vet service is increased convenience. You do not need to keep on postponing your appointment to the vet, waiting for the timing that works with your very busy life-style. All you require to do is give your vet a ring and await them to show up at your house. This could save you a great deal of your time and inconvenience, particularly if you live in cities with traffic congestion.

2. Convenience for your pet.

Pets feel secure and relaxed in a natural environment they are familiar with. If your pets don’t enjoy a car ride, hauling them to a vet office can intensify their nervousness and unpleasantness.

That’s not all; encounters with different loud pets in a clinical setting can set your pets in excess of their limit with unease, making treatment methods problematic. You’ll have to spend even more time to try and calm down your dog or cat in advance of an examination or treatment solution.

3. Much less exposure to infections.

At home vet visits can really help take away the risk of contracting illness from unwell pets in the reception room or exam table. This is very beneficial especially when you’re dealing with more mature and very young pets, as well as the immune-compromised ones.

4. More period of time with a veterinarian.

The common vets frequently take in a lot of pets that really need to be attended to as quickly as possible. Scheduled visits, often than not, last for 20 minutes or a lot less. With lots of people lingering in a queue, it’s really less likely that you’ll have lots of time to be given answers to every one of your concerns.

By working with a mobile vet, however, you’ll get more than sufficient time to hold a comprehensive discussion with them and identify the best solution for your pet.

5. Better personalized treatment option plan and accurate end results.

One other important advantage of a mobile vet service is customised care with regard to your pet. A vet will definitely be able to take a look at your pet’s natural behavior in its own familiar environment to get an in-depth knowing of its overall health. By doing this, it comes to be a lot less complicated to provide a far more individualized and reliable remedy plan.

Anxiety, worry, and uneasiness can have a considerable impact on the pet’s medical diagnosis outcomes, as it can possibly throw off the most important signals like temperature level, heartbeat rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Supplying the right treatment could be hard.

6. Much better flexibility.

The majority of mobile veterinarians deliver same-day appointments and extended hours to suit your job and personal schedule. There’s no need to rearrange your schedule or require time off work. You’ll enjoy the professional services of an experienced vet right at the convenience of your home.

7. Fantastic for taking care of several pets.

In case you possess several pets, getting annual check-ups and vaccinations for your lovely four-legged friends simultaneously can prove to be to become a challenging and tough task. You may possibly need to make a few trips to a vet’s clinic in the course of the year. A mobile vet service takes away this burden, making it possible for your pets to get regular treatments at the same time and in such a way more effective process. You’ll have comfort knowing your pets are really in peak health and if an emergency situation crops up, qualified help will be a phone call away.

There you have it ! A mobile vet service can surely make a great improvement in how your pets receive routine care. What’s even more, it can even aid with euthanizing your pet in the privacy of your home or apartment, surrounded solely by family. However, it’s strongly recommended to work with a fully qualified and experienced in-home veterinarian for an overall more ideal experience.

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