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We understand all pets are most comfortable in their home. That is why we started a mobile-only vet service. Unless your pet is in an emergency situation, our service can perform all the routine veterinary exams and diagnoses right in your home. The major benefit for you and your pet is you do not have to travel to a clinic, plus you get exceptional service and attention you and your pet will love… Guaranteed!!!

Welcome to Our Home Veterinary Services

Taking time out of your day to visit a vet clinic poses a problem for many loving pet owners. Home Call Vet is here to help you take care of your pet by coming to your home.

Our vets understand the importance of having a relaxed pet is to examining and diagnosing ailments. Your pet is most at ease when they are at home.

Home Call Vet is a mobile service providing a full range of veterinary services including vaccination, spay, neuter and more…

In Home Veterinary Services

Mobile veterinary services is ideal for pets who are not comfortable with travel or able to leave their home. Our house call services deliver premium quality standard practice veterinary care which include vaccinations. 

Geriatric and Palliative Care

We understand that making decisions for your aging and ailing pet can be hard. Already know that you are not by yourself and that we will be honored to provide compassionate, gentle in-home care for your pet.

Hospice and Euthanasia Care

Compassionate in-home family pet euthanasia, palliative and end of life care for pet owners who want the best for their pet. Choosing in-home vet euthanasia assures the most restful and stress-free setting your pet deserves.

Our Services

Ear Infections

Muscle and Joint Injuries

Spay and Neuter


Nail Clipping

Medication Delivery


What is a mobile vet clinic?

A mobile clinic also referred to as a mobile veterinarian clinic is similar to a regular veterinarian with the exception of the mobile service makes house calls. A fully qualified mobile veterinarian can easily carry out routine examinations, treatments, and vaccinations. This type of vet service is popular with people who have hectic schedules, require vet services outside of regular work hours, the elderly, people with disabilities, pets which do not travel well, get stressed out at the veterinarian office or overly aggressive pets. While they perform all the same health exams, vaccinations and other treatment many also offer personal delivery of your pet’s medication.

Does your mobile service cost more than a vet clinic?

The cost to have a mobile veterinarian come to your house when compared with going to a traditional clinic is similar overall. When you do a comparison of pricing, you may see a slightly higher appointment time with a mobile service but this typically includes a 30-minute visit, while in contrast the vet clinic typically schedules appointments to be 20 minutes or less. When you take into consideration the amount of time your pet receives in relation to the appointment fee you will see that they are generally about the same. The added benefit to you is you don’t have the costs of driving a vehicle to the clinic plus the additional waiting around time at the clinic. In addition, you also neet to consider your pet will not be stressed by the car ride as well as sitting in the vet waiting room. The vet clinic also has the potential of transmitting illnesses from other unhealthy pets at the clinic to your pet.

What if my pet doesn’t like vets

It is our experience, once a pet has a stressful experience at a vet clinic, they react to the location of the clinic and become immediately stressed. Our vet visits  your home where your pet feels the most comfortable and relaxed.

Do you offer same day visits?

Most mobile clinics offer same day vet appointments.

Do you have flexible hours?

Not all pet owners have the flexibility to take time off work or rearrange their schedule to visit a vet clinic. For this reason most mobile services offer extended hours to accommodate our clients’ work and personal schedule.

Can I bring my pet to a mobile clinic?

A mobile service does not operate a traditional vet clinic. Our vets are dispatched a booking service to your home at the scheduled time you choose.

What is the wait time?

Unlike a traditional vet clinic, there is no wait time with Home Vet Call. You book your vet appointment and one of our vets arrives at your home at the scheduled time.

How long is the vet appointment?

Your appointment is based on a 30-minute exam and treatment in your home. Comparatively, most visits at a clinic want patient turnover and are between 10 and 20 minutes.

Can I request the same vet in the future?

If you feel most comfortable with a certain vet, you can certainly request the specific vet. However, if you need vet service on a specific day and time, your preferred vet may already be booked with other appointments.

Do your vets perform surgery?

While our vets are qualified to perform surgery, they do not perform surgeries or x-rays in your home. For situations where surgery is required, your pet will have to be transported to a surgical facility at a pet hospital.

Do you offer pet vaccinations?

Yes we perform all the regular services you would get at a clinic such as vaccinations and drawing blood for needed bloodwork.

Do you treat more than one pet per visit?

When you book a mobile vet you are allocated a minimum time. If there is additional time, a second pet could be examined as well. To be sure the vet has enough time to examine all your pets, you can schedule an additional time when you book the appointment.

Do you offer spay or neuter for my pet?

Yes we offer spay and neuter services for your pet.

Do you offer emergency services?

If your pet is in critical condition you are advised to take your pet to the nearest animal hospital. The urgent services a mobile vet can offer include bandaging simple wounds, treating hot spots, mild allergic reactions, muscle and joint injuries, urinary tract infections, and vomiting.

Can your vets treat chronic disease?

Our vets are available for regular appointments to treat your pet’s chronic condition in your home.

What if my vet cannot be treated at home?

We have affiliations with local animal hospitals. If the attending vet feels your pet would be better treated at a hospital they will make the necessary arrangements to treat your pet at the hospital. In addition, if your pet needs treatment from a specialist, they will get you the referral.

What if my pet requires medication?

An added benefit of working with our vets is the benefit of having your pet’s medication delivered to your home. Your attending vet will write the prescription and make arrangements to have the medication delivered to you.

Can mobile vets euthanize your pet?

When it is time for your pet to pass, bringing them to a vet clinic is not preferred by most pet owners. A mobile vet can help with end of life for your pet in the comfort and privacy of your home.

In-Home Vet Care for The Whole Family

From newborn to aging pets, mobile veterinarian services are available at convenient times to serve your beloved pets for vaccinations, flea treatments, and even minor injuries. Our mobile service offers all the regular exams and treatments you would receive in a traditional clinic… without you or your pet having to leave the comfort of your home.


Puppies and Kittens


Adult Pets


Mature Pets

We are A Full Service Mobile Vet Practice

Behavioral consultations
Diet and nutrition
Dog school referral
Spay and neuter
Dermatological issues
Ear infections
Nail clipping
Nutrition consultations
Hot spots
Mild allergic reactions
Muscle and joint injuries
Simple wounds
Urinary tract infections
Chronic disease management
Chronic pain
Hind-limb lameness
Palliative care
Domestic and international travel certificates for pets

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